Thursday, November 20, 2008

2005 Uno

As is often the case, a post by someone else reminded me of something I had which would make a good post.

Here is a card from the 2005 Uno Baseball American League Set. There was another set featuring National League players.

The set came in a metal box and is a complete Uno game. I was disappointed to find that each color suit featured the same players, in other words, the 7 card has Ivan Rodriguez in each color. Here are the players featured:

0 - Johan Santana
1 - Mark Teixeira
2 - Houston Street
3 - Carl Crawford
4 - Miguel Tejada
5 - Runelvys Hernandez
6 - Travis Hafner
7 - Ivan Rodr1guez
8 - Ichiro
9 - Roy Halladay
Reverse - David Ortiz
Skip - Derek Jeter
Draw 2 - Vladimir Guerrero
Draw 4 - Mark Buehrle
Top 2 - Ozzie Guillen and Phil Garner

My guess is that the photo on the Top 2 card is from the 2005 World Series. The two men are embracing. Garner congratulating Guillen for the Series win?

Its a pretty nice item. I didn't realize when I bought it that there were separate National and American League sets. When I was back in the Toys R Us where I found this they were out of the National League set.

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Scott C. (starkill1138) said...

I've got a nearly identical game/set that celebrates the 04 Red Sox World Series team. Same thing happened to me when I saw the original post - it was a "hey, I've got one of those" moments!