Monday, June 2, 2008


This isn't so much a thing done to a card as it is a Thing Done to Nelson Liriano.

This beauty from 1990 Topps depicts Liriano hopelessly chasing a popup. And I could be wrong, but I don't think the technique they teach involves stretching your glove arm to the limit, flailing your throwing hand wildly, and generally looking panicked.

Now, Liriano wasn't an awesome player, but I don't think this photo accurately represents his defensive prowess.

Had Topps chosen to show Luis Polonia missing a fly ball, then I would have had no beef whatsoever.


capewood said...

Hey Andy, thanks for the post. With Steve's new work schedule I feel like I've been doing all the heavy lofting around here.

It this card was a cartoon, Liriano would run off the left side of the card and then several seconds later he'd run back from the left, in the same pose, and disappear to the right. Then the ball would drop right down the middle of the card and 3 runs would score.

White Sox Cards said...

And it's very much appreciated! Sorry I haven't been posting regularly lately. The schedule has shifted this week to 5 days. I've been working on things in my head though. They should be out in cyberspace soon. :)

--David said...

You know, that is the exact technique my 5-yeard old daughter uses in T-Ball! She'll be thrilled to know a 'professional' did the same thing.....