Monday, June 23, 2008

Stamps On Cards

I try to avoid posting the same card on two different sites, but I'll make an exception in this case. Why? Because this card comes with it's own postage!

Granted, it would never cover the cost of shipping the card today or even when the card was released in 2005, but the fact that a postage stamp is on a baseball card is awesome. It adds a whole different dimension to card collecting. The fact that the stamp depicts a play at the plate makes this card even more unique.

Throw in the piece of jersey, and we've got ourselves a very interesting card that seems to want to reach out to all people and say, "Love me. Buy me. Let me be in your collection".

I wasn't in the hobby when this card was produced. I was only relying on eBay to buy an occasional White Sox team set to show my support for my favorite team. I really had no clue that these existed until the lure of baseball cards pulled me back in last year.

This card seems like the perfect ploy to introduce baseball cards to stamp collectors. Plus, it offers the card collector something a bit different to collect, while still staying in the comfortable realm of card collecting. It's a perfect combination!


--David said...

Dang, where'd you find that one? I tried to located some more, but I'm not sure what to "look" for...

White Sox Cards said...

The miracles of eBay. I typed in Baines and stamp and there ya go.