Friday, February 1, 2008

1991 Upper Deck Hologram - Hank Aaron

I found this card in a pack of Upper Deck when I was a kid. This was probably my second best find in Upper Deck packs that year. My first would be the Michael Jordan card in a White Sox uniform. This was always a close second though.

I loved Hank Aaron as a kid. Whenever I would find a card of him in a new product, a huge smile would come across my face. He was the Home Run King! He was better than Babe Ruth! I'm afraid kids may be saying the same thing about Barry Bonds right now.

I was always hungry to find out everything I could about the history of the game. Any book about the past or the oddities in baseball, I would devour as soon as I got my hands on it. I found out everything I could about past heroes. I loved the way Hank Aaron went about his business. He didn't get caught into the same traps that some of his peers got into. He just showed up and quietly went about his business. I admired that about him.

This was the first card of Hank Aaron's that made me feel like I was at one of his games. I guess it was the 3-D effect that made me feel that way. Whatever it was, it made this card seem special. It always stood out to me, even when some of my friends were less than enthusiastic.

I'm also a sucker for older uniforms. They seem interesting to me. These Braves uniforms stand out, as well as the Astros and Pirates from this era. All that older cards do now is make me remember how I felt the first time that I saw that particular card. When I first laid eyes on this, I thought it was the coolest card of Hank Aaron I had ever seen. It may not be the coolest card ever of Hank, but it was the coolest card of him from 1991.


jorgelacoste said...

i have one as well,, what isit worth?

White Sox Cards said...

Around $1.50 according to Beckett, which is pretty decent for something that came out of 1991 Upper Deck.