Tuesday, February 19, 2008

1989 Score #660 - Red Sox Win Streak

This has got to be one of the most boring highlight cards I have ever seen. The back has more action than the front. Something is wrong with that picture. The back features a smattering of Red Sox players congratulating themselves after something good, I would presume.

The front is a different story. It features an unknown manager at the time, Joe Morgan, walking nonchalantly to the pitcher's mound to yank an unseen hurler from the game. This is a highlight? Joe also appears to be scratching his butt, slyly, in the picture too. I repeat, this is a highlight?

Score would have had to have a picture of Dwight Evans snapping Wade Boggs with a towel after a game to reach a more inappropriate level in photograph selection for this highlight. Come to think of it, that would even make more sense than Joe walking tall.

The record is pretty impressive. A 24 win home game streak. That's damn good! Especially after a 43-42 record before the streak. It set an American League record at the time. Score couldn't find a shot of Jeff Reardon celebrating after a save? They couldn't find a shot of Ellis Burks hitting one out of the park? No shot was available of Wade Boggs or Jody Reed hitting a gapper?

A colonoscopy is more exciting than this card. Maybe if the card was celebrating the most trips to the mound by a manager in a season, this would be the first picture I'd choose. Score couldn't even find a picture of Joe signaling for a right hander. Unacceptable. At least Joe has a nice card he can sign. But the card promised highlights it couldn't deliver. That's just plain wrong.

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