Monday, September 15, 2008

1930's Diamond Match Covers

While I was surfing eBay, looking for more oddball items to add to my ever-growing collection, I came across this little gem:

This is a 1935-ish Diamond Match Company match cover. There were many of these produced from about 1935-1937. While doing research for this post (which did not net many historical results for my purposes), I came across a site that has a few photos and plenty of stock: I also came across a site dedicated to the hobby of collecting match covers:

These are very cool vintage items. I paid about 10 bucks for the one above, but you can find others cheaper if you look around.

The cover itself features a picture of the player on the cover, then bio and statistical info on the back (along with the striking strip). The matches had been carefully removed prior to my getting the item. I'm looking forward to adding more Indians to my collection of these (well, does ONE make up a collection??).

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