Monday, September 15, 2008

Red Sox record-setting sellout streak commemorative ticket

A week ago, the Red Sox set the record for consecutive sellouts, and they whipped up a very nice commemorative ticket that they mailed to all the season ticket holders (of which I am one.)

This was a very classy move, I think, even though I'm not a Red Sox fan. If you click on the images (showing the front and the back) you can see some of the nice touches, including the fine print on the border of the front denoting all the special accomplishments of the team during the streak period.

The ticket measures 8" long and it's printed on thick glossy stock. All in all, a very nice freebie!

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David said...

You're a season ticket holder but not a fan? If you got that much money lying around, why not donate to the David Chapter of the Human Fund?