Monday, September 1, 2008

2008 SP Legendary Cuts Legendary Memorabilia

I'm a sucker for Mike Schmidt cards. Michael Jack Schmidt apparently remains popular in the hobby as there are a lot of his cards produced every year. I usually try to buy a good sampling of them. Actually I try to buy all that I can afford but am limited by what actually shows up on eBay.

Here are two cards I bought in July. Do they look different to you? First off, you must notice that the back ground of the lettering on the bottom of the card is colored differently. The first card is a tan color, the other, some version of red

The really sharp-eyed will notice that the top card is serial numbered to 99, while the other card is serial numbered to 35. There are 3 other versions of this card, numbered to 25, 15 and 10. I guess each is colored differently although I expect I'll never see one of them. None of them are currently available on eBay.

I like the cards. I had 9 Schmidt jersey cards before I bought these and none of them feature the powder blue away uniform the Phillies used to wear

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