Tuesday, March 25, 2008

1910 S74 Silk - Lee Tannehill

Cards made out of silk? It happened. I have been able to find very little information about these cards. What I have found, these were issued as tobacco premiums, much like the T-206 cards or the original Turkey cards.

This seems like an unusual idea that would be relegated to the annals of history. It would certainly appear so, but wait, there will be silk cards in 2008. Topps has taken it upon themselves to resurrect the silks as super limited inserts in the Series 2 hobby and HTA boxes. They will be limited to 50 and feature a checklist of 100 cards.

So, why do silk at all? I guess it's something different to put a baseball player on. I'm not entirely sure why someone would make a card out of silk. They do look cool though. Isn't the idea of silk supposed to be a touchable material? I don't understand why a touchable material would be used for something that is typically untouchable in this day and age.

I would imagine that I will not own an original silk card in my lifetime. The best I could hope for would be the 2008 version. I am a bit excited at the prospect of a silk card, but I'm not certain why. Could it be the alternative to paper that has me excited? Could it be the memory of silk against my skin that holds fond feelings? Maybe it's the oddity of the whole thing. Whatever it is, it should be interesting to see the public reaction to silk cards.


dayf said...

Topps started this silks insert thing with last year's Turkey Red. Makes sense since the original S74s were inserted into Turkey Red products. The designs are swiped from the T205 set.

If you want a really odd um, "card" check out these leathers from the same time period.


They even have s Sox for you to covet, Big Ed Walsh :)


White Sox Cards said...

AAARRRRRGGHH!! Another old White Sox "card" to collect!

Thanks for the info on last year's Turkey Red. It slipped my mind.

I love the designs of the T205 set. They are very distinctive.

L-Train said...


I found a total of 32 of these silks in a cigar box in my grandmothers shed. Check them out:


What do you think they are worth?

White Sox Cards said...

They should be worth a minimum of $50 each, if they are in decent condition. Great find! I'd kill for the White Sox silks. :)