Friday, March 14, 2008

2008 Topps Heritage Chrome - John Lackey

I recently ran a contest over at my other blog featuring premium and shiny things that came in my 2008 Topps Heritage hobby box. There was a buyback card, a box topper, a relic and four chrome cards. I wouldn't mind winning any of them myself.

One card lasted through 8 contests. The John Lackey card. But why? He was the AL ERA champ in 2007. He went 19-9 for the Angels last year. He went to the All-Star game too.

Could it be that nobody loves John Lackey? He does look sort of sullen on this shiny card. Definitely not a look that goes with shiny, happy things. He's even numbered 598/1959. Not that it means much nowadays. He's shiny and wants to be loved. He's so shiny that you can see your own reflection in the card. Nice.

The winner of one of the earlier contests decided he didn't want a prize, so he declined. That left the door open for a bonus contest after the original 7 had been completed. The winner of the seventh contest was so underwhelmed by the prizes, I assume, that he has yet to contact me about claiming the prize. The winner of the bonus contest had their choice of prizes. That was not supposed to happen.

The winner of the bonus contest had a difficult time selecting between John Lackey and Billy Wagner. He ultimately chose Billy Wagner. So, that leaves John Lackey to be awarded to the seventh contest winner by default. That's the sweetest win of all, isn't it?

There was even one would-be participant who was so disgusted by Billy Wagner and John Lackey, that he refused to type the answer because he didn't want to win either card. Wow. I've never ran into so many people that declined free stuff. One of two things is supposed to happen when you hear free stuff. Either you want whatever it is or you are immediately suspicious.

Poor John Lackey. He will find a home, but will it be a good home? I have a feeling that wherever he ends up, he will be loved. Not at first, but 19 game winners have a tendency to grow on you. Especially hard luck pitchers.


AlbuqwirkE said...

My excuse might be the lamest of all...

I didn't know the answers, and didn't feel like I should win any prizes for Googling.

White Sox Cards said...


That's very noble. Not many people would stop themselves from googling the answers because of the moral obligations.


bestguides said...

Interested in phonecards?

capewood said...

2008 Topps Heritage finally arrived at a Target near me and I bought two blaster boxes. I got one chrome between them but at least it was Chipper Jones and he is smiling.


White Sox Cards said...

Nice chrome pull Cliff!

J. P. McCarty said...

Maybe I live in the only place John Lackey is loved...his hometown of Abilene, Texas, where the minister of Lackey's home church even considers the Angels his second favorite team.

White Sox Cards said...

I'm glad somebody does! It seems like he's gotten a raw deal for being one win shy of 20.

Then again, if he went 12-13 with a 6.53 ERA for the Red Sox, everyone would love him and every team would want him.