Tuesday, April 3, 2012


I don't know whether to laugh or cry...

This makes me kind of sad, especially since this is one junk wax set I'm trying to collect...

From this guy's "About" page:

"To increase collector’s interest and long term value from the overproduced era these cards need to become scarcer. To reduce the number of cards in circulation, large volumes of these cards simply need to be destroyed. Starting now, I am taking action to reduce the number of 1987 Topps Baseball cards in circulation...To reduce the numbers I will be destroying 1987 Topps Baseball cards every week...in my fireplace. All 1987 Topps Baseball cards I acquire will be destroyed. This includes All Stars, Rookies, and even Graded Cards. To be clear — no 1987 Topps Baseball card is safe."


I couldn't do that to innocent overproduced Topps cards...Maybe this guy is just braver than me...or more foolish!