Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Cross-post: White Sox...Baseball Cards???

This is a cross-post from my new blog, Chipp' 'n' Dale http://thehomeofthebraves.blogspot.com/.
It was originally posted 5/11/12. 

Signed the little brother up for the (free) Chicago White Sox Kids Club for this year. I think I sent in the request in February or sometime then. Just yestiddy, though, we received a packet in the mail from the Sox. When asked if he wanted the swag, my brother gave a conclusive "no." It had some interesting things, actually, like this Paul Konerko "Fathead" sticker thing. The Sox logo and kids club logo are also stickers.
A membership certificate "signed" by Southpaw, the White Sox mascot...

Some ticket vouchers for nosebleed seats at a White Sox home game, and a "Take a stand against Bullying" postcard....

Oh yeah, and some eyeblack stickers. Don't wear those for NCAA Football, though, kids!

A flyer for the White Sox and Bulls Summer Camps, aka "Jerry Reinsdorf Little League pro day."
But here's the real goody. A White Sox sticker page! Think 2012 Topps stickers, but a team issued set of players! (They're small in comparison to cards, too.) And check out the design!

1987 Donruss, anyone?! The design used for the stickers is actually a nice spin-off, I think. Sharp team colors, and a conspicuous absence of that 1980's look of red, white, and...navy? Cool stuff.

So that's that. Wouldn't find this in a fan pack! Definitely some cool stuff, and hey, who would've known there's a throwback team set that's not from a Topps year design?