Wednesday, May 6, 2020

a super 1971 topps super rich allen

because rich allen's array of 1971 releases - his topps flagship card, dell's today stamp, and other issues - featuring photos taken in dodger stadium, i am always looking for an extra copy to put in my dodger stadium mini-collection.

i recently noticed that i did not have a second copy of his short-printed 1971 topps super card, so i took a look on check out my cards.  that's when i spotted this beauty:
looks like little timmy tried to paint rich in to a white sox uniform, or perhaps a few years later, back in to a phillies uniform.  or maybe someone wanted to see what allen would look like as a member of the big red machine. however, time has taken its toll and the paint is chipping away to reveal the dodger blue underneath.  glorious.