Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wordmarks and Logos

While catching up on my blog reading, I wandered across a post about the 1991 Topps Roger Clemens card on Cardboard Icons. In the comments, he wondered why they didn't use that photo in Stadium Club.

The photo is great (almost as cool as the Benito Santiago one.)

I decided to mess around in MS Paint a little at lunch and see how that shot might have looked on a Stadium Club card.

There is something missing... It took me a while to realize what it was that I liked so much about the original.

I loved the team wordmarks on the 1991 Topps. I had not been very fond of any Topps designs since the 1987 set. Then I realized, the use of an official logo hadn't been used since '87; and before that... the '80's? No. The 70's? No. Not since 1965 had Topps used a team logo on players base cards. Could that be right???

Starting with 1952 through '55, Topps used the team logos. After a brief break they used them again from '58 through '60. They didn't bring them back until 1965. And not again for 22 years.

It is strange. People seem to hold a special place in their hearts for their team's logo. Why would Topps avoid using official logos for such a long period?


Wax Heaven said...

Wow!! Awesome.

night owl said...

I agree there's something missing, but for me it's not the team word mark, it's the border. There is a reason why people put pictures in frames before they put them on the wall. Without them, it looks unfinished.

I'll always like borders over full-bleed photos.

DaveH said...

Funny that Roger turned out to be the biggest strikeout of his own career.