Tuesday, March 31, 2009

1982 Davco Publishing Hall of Fame Baseball Stars

What you see above (the 'way' above) is a 1982 Davco Publishers Bob Feller card. It is one of the many oddball Tribe items I own. The card is printed on heavy stock, though not thick. It's one of my favorite oddballs because I haven't seen many like it. And, of course because it features the great "Rapid" Bob Feller!

The card itself is actually part of a 25-card Hall of Fame set. They have blank backs. Each has a painted scene of the player being depicted. The tag line reads: "(c)MCMLXXII Davco Publishing, Skokie, Ill."

Often referred to as the "Blue" set, it features these players:

1 Hank Aaron
2 Grover C. Alexander
3 Roy Campanella
4 Ty Cobb
5 Joe DiMaggio
6 Bob Feller
7 Jimmie Foxx
8 Frankie Frisch
9 Lou Gehrig
10 Bob Gibson
11 Hank Greenberg
12 Rogers Hornsby
13 Walter P. Johnson
14 Sandy Koufax

15 Mickey Mantle
16 Christy Mathewson
17 Willie Mays
18 Stan Musial
19 Jackie R. Robinson

20 Babe Ruth
21 Tris Speaker
22 Pie Traynor
23 Honus Wagner
24 Ted Williams
25 Cy Young

You can actually find complete sets online, if you're looking. Individual cards can also be had, though those are actually harder to find than complete sets. Go figure.

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