Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Samples and Promos

Some time ago, JackPlumstead asked for some help with cards that featured "Sample" and "Promo" across them. I put in my two cents, and for my efforts, he sent me some of the cards!! That is fantastic! Even better? I received them in the mail on my birthday - now, how cool is that!?

The first card is a Score '96 SAMPLE of Raul Mondesi (Dodgers). There were eight players in the SAMPLE set (plus a 'header card'), and each player was featured on a regular card (seen here) and also on a "Dugout Collection" version, making the set total 17 cards:

Next, we have Michael Young (Rangers) on a 2005 UD Reflections "UD PROMO" card. The first 100 cards in the Reflections regular set were included in this special PROMO set. PROMO cards were issued in various TuffStuff magazines:

The next two cards are from the 2004 UD Yankees Classics PROMO set. Unlike the card above, EVERY card in this set was made into a PROMO card. That begs the question: What makes it PROMO? I guess the fact that you could get these inside TuffStuff as well...

Here is Steve Balboni (Yankees):

And Jerry Coleman:

The last card I received comes from the 1999 Fleer Brilliants "Promotional Sample" set. "Set" is a bit of an overstatement, as the JD Drew (Cardinals) card was the ONLY card in the Brilliants promotional set. I have to say, this really is one 'brilliant' card - great foil, nice pic, the back is just as nice (no foil, but the uniform look of the text on back is "noice"!!

A big "Thank You" goes out to JackPlumstead from across the pond for these promo cards!

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night owl said...

I kind of like the way that Upper Deck presented its promo cards. It doesn't even look like a sample card.