Saturday, August 15, 2009

1991 Score World Series Trivia Cards

It amazes me that no one (including myself) has posted about these little gems on here yet! So, I will take the lead (much like the first lemming over the cliff has to go some time):

Pictured above is one scanner bed full of these minis. The full set takes multiple scans.

There are 72 cards in the set. These were special cards that were included in the factory boxes. Collectors would also find one motion card per pack off the shelf. Each card measures 2" x 2.5" in size.

The front of the card is a 'motion' (like Sportflics) that would change from "World Series Trivia" or "World Series Q&A" to the year the card focuses on (in this case, 1932):

On the back, the collector finds either a tidbit of trivia (on the "Trivia" cards or a question to be answered (on the "Q&A" cards):

If you were to ask anyone that either collected these in the 90's or has since discovered them and held them in their collection for any length of time, the first thing that likely comes to mind is the fact that these little cards are stiff as boards and bend like nobody's business.

Over time, for whatever reason, the 'stuff' that binds everything together on these cards appears to shrink or tighten. The cards end up bowing in the middle and will not lay flat. In fact, to get the scans, I had to press down on the lid of my scanner. What a weird thing to happen, eh?


skoormit said...

I had about eleventy-two brazillion of these, and I'm pretty sure I read every single one. Mine were bent beyond belief by the late 90's when I threw them away.

Unknown said...

I just found this site after looking at some of my old cards, only have 9 of these and they are very flat. I have no idea why.

MJ said...

Another set was issued either the year before or the year after that featured every MVP up through the year of issue. They all curled up, as well. They are powerful little cards! Even in a top loader, they still bend!

Unknown said...

i have 9 of these cards is there any value to them, i have numbers 1,2,3,4,5,8,9,15,20 they have been in a box for a long time so they are in gd condition other then the bending in them has started

Unknown said...

I have 27 of these
I don't even know how much they are worth