Monday, March 22, 2010

1991 UD Comic Cards 2

Let us delve into a pack of cards I received as part of a "Non-Sport" purchase.

Taz gives Reggie a high-five.  Each card features a title ("Seventh Inning Stretch" here), the Looney Tunes and UD logos and some kind of picture.  Sometimes, the pictures are of actual people.  Other times, well, it's just looney.

Every card ties the Looney Tunes cast into a baseball-related scenario.  The backs of the cards feature trivia questions with answers.  What was the name of the LAST Bugs Bunny cartoon to be released in theaters?  No, really, without Google.  Go ahead.  Okay, fine, it was in 1964 and it was "False Hare." Happy now?

I'm not sure if you put the cards in order they would tell a story. Judging by the dialogue, I would have to guess yes.  Judging by the talking bubles, I'd have to say the writers are probably out of work these days.  Well, most folks are out of work at UD these days.

This appears to be the title card.  Reggie and Nolan are smiling all the way to the bank.  Though, I'm not sure just how many of these packs were actually sold.  You can see the "photoshop" technique employed with multiple layers, masking, and more.

Do you see that!? Dupes. In a single pack, I get dupes.  Yeesh.

"So, Nolan, you're one of the greatest pitchers ever, right?  Well, we'd like to take some pictures of you pretending to talk to Bugs Bunny.  Yes, I said Bugs Bunny. Hello?  Hello, Mr. Ryan?"

*This post appears in a three-way cross-posting between "APAD," "A Pack To Be Named Later," and "Things Done to Cards."


Alli XT said...
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Chris Stufflestreet said...

Comic Ball was definitely set up to tell a story. In fact, the stories were all laid out in numbers divisible by when you put them into binder pages, you could read them like a comic book.

capewood said...

I have a couple of these that I got in repacks. One features Nolan Ryan and Bugs Bunny. Great cards.