Friday, March 1, 2019

Bryce Harper Autograph And Laundry Tag Card

2018 Topps Dynasty Autographed Patch Gold #AP-BH5 - Bryce Harper (1/1)

While there are some stupid relic cards out in the collecting world (pens anyone?), this "relic" at least is part of a uniform. The tag off of a uniform.

Topps Dynasty is for the collector that likes to blow "stupid money", as the Phillies like to say. So maybe the Phillies management will go in for this Bryce Harper autographed card with laundry tag relic that is a one of one. I mean it's only $3,999.99 plus $29.99 shipping on eBay. That's a bargain! Especially if you open a PayPal credit card account. That way it's only $167 per month for twenty-four months! Interested yet? Me either.

While I have the lofty, never attainable goal of getting a copy of every card ever made of my favorite team, I would never be able to get a card like this. Nor would I necessarily want it. The concept seems gaudy. The execution looks like it came from the mind of a five year old. My apologies to all five year olds out there. Also, my apologies if this card is your cup of tea. It's just not mine.

This card is a nice dream perhaps, but as a realistic goal... not so much.

Hey. You know who could afford this card? I heard Bryce Harper just got a boat load of cash. Manny Machado did too. Maybe they could buy it and hand it out to a random fan. That sounds nicest of all.


John Sharp said...

For $1 300 I'll but a Ty Cobb tobacco card and a Al Kaline RC.

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