Thursday, January 17, 2008

2007 - Topps M&M Cyan Printing Plate - Ryan Zimmerman

This 2007 Topps Moments & Milestones Cyan printing plate of Ryan Zimmerman was my biggest pull in 2007. I was extremely excited when I pulled this. I may have even shrieked. Probably not, but I was excited nonetheless.

This is the only printing plate I have ever pulled. A true 1/1, or so they tell me. I have since found out that in some of the lower priced sets, there may be more than one of these 1/1 color plates because of the print run. Sometimes they just wear out. Not so with Moments & Milestones! The print run is ridiculously low, so this is a true 1/1.

I won't even dignify this post with a link. I'm guessing that people had the same reaction to the prospect of a printing plate as I did at first, basically, "Huh? Why?" It's been collecting cyber dust since I got it. Sure, there have been watchers, but I think they were gauging my potential sale for their own printing plate. Someday, someone will want it. I was just happy to pull it.

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greengrizzle said...

I really need that card. I have proly the best zimmerman collection i have seen. I own 17 of his printing plates and am trying to get all of them i can. Zimmermans plates usually go for $8-14 on ebat unless its a 2005 Plate. Ill pay $20 or more for your plate. and that goes for anyone that reads this that has one. Heres a link to my Zimmerman Collection to view it. Any rare zimmermans send my way.


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