Tuesday, February 26, 2008

1933 George C Miller R300 - Ivy Andrews

This card could potentially be worth $20,000. Why, you may ask? Because of a fixed contest by the George C. Miller Company.

This card is part of a 32 card set. All the cards are lovely examples of early 30's artistry. These cards even look better than the Goudeys and DeLongs from the same year.

The reverse of this card offers a prize for submitting all 32 cards back to the company. In order to give away as few of the prizes as possible, the Ivy Andrews card was held out of circulation, except for a very limited number.

Today, there are less than twenty examples of this card. The cards that were redeemed, were cut along the bottom as a cancellation, so they couldn't be used again. Only two or three cards are known to exist without being cut. There were so many intentional butcherings done to this card in 1933, that it is a highly sought out collectible.

If you run across one of these, I'll gladly take it off your hands for free. You may feel the responsibility of owning a card such as this would be too daunting of a task. I will relieve you from that responsibility. It's the least I could do to get my bills paid. Eh, I mean, cherish a rare commodity. Yeah, that's the ticket.


dayf said...

This is such a neat looking set, it's a shame that they are so dang scarce. Even commons are really expensive.

Brock Hubble said...

I have this card, and am willing to unload....NOT for free. its not a $20kn card, but closer to $8k. willing to move for $4k.