Wednesday, January 30, 2008

1990 Fleer Sticker - Cleveland Indians Logo

I used to plaster these stickers all around my bedroom when I was a kid. I never got the ones that I wanted, so I would stick them to various things and watch them degrade over time. I loved every one of those stickers. It showed my love of baseball to every friend who came over. It was almost a status symbol to have the most logo stickers plastered around my room.

Sometimes I would pick up a pack of Fleer just for the stickers. The cards never really did much for me during the 80's. They mostly looked bland compared to Topps. There's only so much warm-up jackets a kid can see before he wants to puke.

I considered these stickers add-ons to the main set. They were something you had to collect along with the regular cards for the set to be complete. The one White Sox sticker I have, I acquired earlier this month is a trade. A 1984 Fleer sticker. That was one of the coolest parts of the trade.

I thought these stickers were largely forgotten until I ran across The Fleer Sticker Project. Now, I'm starting to see them again and I'm hearing about them more often. Upper Deck produced a few sticker inserts in the 1991 release, but they weren't the same. They were fancy holograms, not old school logos.

These Fleer stickers remind me of a simpler time, when stars did not command more money than I will ever handle in my lifetime. I remember being shocked at the amount of money that Darryl Strawberry was being paid when he signed with the Dodgers. Now, that's almost the average salary for major leaguers.

Upper Deck definitely needs to put logo stickers in their Fleer product. Most of us would buy it out of nostalgia.


darkship said...

I actually won an ebay auction that had about 30 of the Fleer stickers! My son is under strict orders NOT to put them on his door! Man did they take me back too!

Fleerfan said...

Its great to hear your memories of collecting (and sticking!) the Fleer stickers. I think the stickers were a great way for Fleer to differentiate themselves from the competition. The stickers were certainly much better than a stale piece of Topps gum or the Donruss puzzles.

Thanks for mentioning my site as well!