Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Serious Hang Time

While going through my boxes of older cards, picking out cards for trades, I was stopped in my search by this card. I just want to know two things. How did Jose Lind get that high? I don't see any trampolines or wires. Plus, which direction was Jose going? If Jose was moving towards Spanky LaValliere, there could be a painful collision momentarily. Either that, or Jose felt compelled to ride Spanky like a horse.

Maybe Jose was inspired by those old westerns in which the hero jumps from danger by exiting a second story window onto his trusty horse below. I always thought that was a bit cruel to the horse. I wouldn't want anyone I'm friends with jumping ten feet above me onto my back. I'd probably injure my spine.

The photo reminds me of a quote from Mel Brooks' film Robin Hood: Men In Tights. Isaac Hayes is speaking to Cary Elwes about his son Dave Chappelle. There's nothing really dirty about the quote but it's very suggestive, so I won't type it here. Fans of the film already know what I'm talking about. "... or is it the other way around?"

Any way you slice it, this is a pretty awesome picture that probably should've been on the front of the card.

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Spike Glidden said...

Wow, I guess Lind was showing off his leapin' legs? Some athletes can get serious height, unless he positioned a ladder or trampoline to the side, just off camera...