Monday, July 28, 2008

Take Me Out To the Ball Game

OK, I am really stretching the format of this blog here, since this is neither a card, or a thing done to a card, nor a thing done with a card. But it's baseball themed, and it's pretty cool. These are some stamps recently released by the USPS (despite the 2007 copyright date) commemorating 100 years of the song "Take Me Out to the Ball Game." Pretty damn nice stamp, eh?


Steve Gierman said...

That's OK, it fits in with the theme that's been going on here lately. I picked up some of these sweet stamps over the weekend.

--David said...

Man, I bought some of these "before release" by asking my local postmaster about them. I meant to post them, but forgot they in my stack of cards! Excellent post - it's baseball, it counts!

Spike Glidden said...

Just received my first one of these on a family letter yesterday. I'm a little concerned about the Paul Bunyan-esque mien of the player pictured, but still--awesome!