Saturday, May 3, 2008

1996 Topps Laser

Steve posted a die cut card a few days ago and someone mentioned the Topps Laser cards as being an extreme example of cut cards. Topps issued just one year of these, in 1996. They came 4 to a pack for $5.00. Pretty pricey for 1996. I bought 1 pack. Looking on eBay just now it looks like they had Laser football cards as well. And someone is selling a Topps Laser cut card featuring Pam Anderson from her opus "Barb Wire". Only 4 days left on that auction so hurry and bid (the opening bid is only $0.99).

The whole baseball set can be had for $24.

I always kind of liked the cards but getting them into an album page or a penny sleeve without damaging them is challenging. The cards are very thin. There were 4 designs of which I have 2. The comment mentioned that the design for pitchers was very fragile but I don't have one of those. The other design I have features gold foil in the cut area. The back features a small photo of the player, personal data (weight, height, etc.) and "Spotlight Stats". On Clark's card it says "0 The number of Giants first basemen other than Clark with a Gold Glove".

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Steve Gierman said...

Very interesting! I can see why these cards would give collectors fits. They seem like they would break just by looking at them funny.