Saturday, May 31, 2008

1997 Stadium Club Firebrand

Cards made of wood!

For whatever reason, wood was popular in baseball cards. I've got several different types. This is my favorite. I got this with a redemption card. It is actually made of wood with some sort of non-glossy finish on the back.

It also is laser cut at the top around the "Firebrand". I think it's laser cut rather than die cut. Topps had several cards in the mid-1990s that were laser cut. They must have gotten a new toy down at the printing shop. The card also features gold foil on the player name and Stadium Club logo. Topps was playing around with various materials for baseball cards in those years. I've got another Stadium Club insert from 1997 which is made of leather (or maybe faux leather) with a card stock backing. I'll feature that one later. Wood and leather, two natural materials associated with baseball.

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