Monday, August 25, 2008

Billy Goat 2008 A&G Mock Up

One of the reasons for this blog was to showcase odd little cards, damaged cards and present mock up cards of subjects that you wouldn't normally see. For the mock up cards, Allen and Ginter cards present the perfect palette for creating these subjects.

I had gotten away from that recently, but I have been inspired by two things to come back into creating these mock ups.

One was a post on this very blog showing a card of Sammy Sosa created by Capewood. The second was a reader's take on my first mock up card for this site, Jessica Simpson.

On my White Sox blog, I have been creating a card per day of each person that has suited up and played for the team in 2008. That gets to be quite a list, with all the injuries, trades and other assorted mayhem of a typical season.

I suppose for all these reasons and more, I have gotten the bug to create mock up cards again. This post's subject is Billy Goat. We all know who he is and we all know what he stands for. Supposedly, there is a number of curses placed on the Chicago Cubs. I think it's a bunch of malarkey, but some people really believe in that stuff.

If they believe, they can have a card to print out and bow down to, destroy, worship, scream obscenities at or whatever they see fit. I wouldn't know what they do to appease the baseball gods, but here is the focus of their attention/obsession.

Don't think that I believe that all Cubs fans are goat cursing loonies. Far from it. Some of my best friends are Cubs fans and they are intelligent, rational human beings. There are a select few fanatics for each team, that tend to scare everybody else with their behavior. They shouldn't speak for every fan, but they tend to do so through the typical fanatical behavior.

This card's for them to curse at. The rest of us can just appreciate the absurdity of it all.

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