Friday, October 10, 2008

Not as much "to" as "with..." House of Cards

BadWax is having a "House of Cards" contest, in which readers are invited to submit an entry depicting the use of no more than 100 baseball cards to build a house... The post says to use cards from the 80's and 90's, but I used cards that ranged from the 70's to today... That may disqualify me from winning the prize, but it didn't stop me from having some fun... So, today, I present, "Things Done With Cards:"

My "Official Entry" photo of the finished house (above). It is right at the high-end limit of cards (100). It's a three story creation which uses an almost-but-not-quite geometric shape. Each floor is actually the same height, but the "facade" around the first floor gives the impression that the second story is half-height (ahh, like the old MFM hard drives I used to work with....).

This picture (above) shows the completion of the first level with the raised outer 'ring' that would later help serve as support for the second story. I tried to take the photo so that you can see some of the construction techniques (if you can call it that) I used.

The photo above shows a side view of the finished 'house of cards.' Here, you can see each level and how the outer 'ring' adds unique flavor to the design element. LOL, like I even know what I'm saying... :-)

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