Friday, April 11, 2008

Do You Want To Write For Things Done With Cards?

Well, do ya? If you think you want to take a shot at it, go for it! There are a million different perspectives on each card. So, if you have a funny story or an amusing rant about a card, you might be the right person to join this blog!

There have been 50 previous posts, so I'm sure you're used to the style of the writing. Can you expand on that style or bring something uniquely different? Join the fun!

E-mail me to be added to this blog. Include your main blog in the e-mail, so it can be added to the links. There are only a few things that I ask. In order to be added to this blog, you must have a blogspot account. Even if you have another blogging account, like wordpress, you can still sign up over here. It's easy.

Try to keep from doing the same card. If someone has beaten you to a particular card, wait a bit before posting that same card.

Also, try to keep it somewhat clean. It's like CBS, occasional swearing is fine, as long as it's content appropriate. If it's just swearing for swearing's sake, it doesn't need to be on this site. Kids read this. Other than that, have fun and let your imagination soar.

My goal is to try to have new content on here everyday. Post as much as you want or as little as you want. Even though it may seem like it, I'm not by the computer all the time and I do sleep. The minute I see your request to be added, you should be added.

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